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Noob question


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I flew glow planes for years back in the day and started out my 14 yr old with a Bixler last year. All is well and I love the new Electric setups. Soooo, much easier and cleaner.

Anyway, I've started playing with some scratch build ideas. I've played with several ideas and now I'm ready to fly a couple....the problem is, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO ATTACH THE @#$@ PROP!?!?!

I purchased several parts and peices to get started with the scratch build stuff, but I can't seem to find anything on the net explaining if a prop adapter is always required or what??!?! help?




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Your question is not easy to answer.... You dont tell what motor and how you want to mount the motor on the plane.
Like with your old glow engines, there needs something similar for the propeller.
There are "collet" adapters if you are mounting the motor with an axle in front.
There are "bolt on" adapters for some engeines if you are mounting the motor with the rotating clock in the front.
Om smaller motors it is normal to use "prop savers" and mount the propeller with rubber bands.


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Thanks for the reply. Here are the 2 types of motors I bought for tinkering:


I built the scratch planes with the idea of mounting it, lol, the 'right way' :) Basically attaching the baseplate to the firewall and the prop on the shaft. I never even thought about any other way. Both of these motors have threaded shafts, while I know some have a smooth one. I assume on the threaded type I can just use a 3mm/4mm nut and washer and have at it? Or do the threaded still require different types of adapters?

Sorry to seem so basic on this, but literally every build video I've seen (even the ones labeled for beginners), stop after you mount the engine and the next scene is the maiden. no one seems to go into the prop details.

thanks again!

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I am using the turnigy with 3 mm shaft on some planes.
I use a prop saver - like this http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=3738
I am not using the o-rings but "normal" softer rubber bands really tight over the propeller.
I am using the GWS DD props that will fit the saver without any reaming or fitting rings.
I am cutting the threaded shaft just snug to the end of the prop saver. The shorter shaft the better as the shaft will easy bend on "a bad landing".


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Some motors are threaded - use two nuts - if you use just one you might press the bell towards the windings and affect the motors performance. So one behind the prop and one in front of it.

On motors like the Park450 you need an adapter - when you tighten the prop it'll tighten around the axle as well:



Just a suggestion - if you ever buy a motor with a threaded shaft, order at least 3 spare motor shafts along with it. They bend REALLY easily.