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Help! Noobie F-15 drafting (Unconventional!)

I'm looking for some advice before I put this design to FB and learn the hard way that I have a terrible CG or flight characteristics of a brick.

I'm planning to run 10" props with ~2K thrust under the wings just in front of the CG to avoid a push design. I'm also thinking of moving away from scale and widening the wings to improve the lift surface as seen below on the right.

I was also planning to maintain the airfoil to the wing edge without a taper:



Has anyone tried building a delta fighter like this before and have any experience with the flight characteristics? Additionally, are there any resources suggestions before I put a crater in a field?


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Yes, I have build several of RCpowers jets, they were a pleasure to fly. His jets flew better with a KF airfoil. Your changes in the wing will change where the CG is and improve low speed handling.