North West Indiana Quadcopter Multirotor


Hi all. I am Dean and I live between Valparaiso and Portage. I know there are Quadcopter / Multirotor people out there. I also know that there is a Michiana group.


Old Guy Geek
Phil from Goshen here. I don't race quads yet......Am planning on it but I'm watching the sport ramp up first. I bought a QAV250 kit but have so many projects on the bench that need finishing before I build a new quad.

Please keep me in the loop if some guys get organized enough to stage a race.

I fly down at Winamac Aero Modelers field for my large fixed wing flying with friends. Otherwise I just fly by myself over some enormous acreage behind my house. I shoot a lot of video with my Chroma 1080P too.