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Not scared of bevel cuts anymore

This is my first build... the Simple Cub. First foamboard plane, first electric plane, first bevel cut, and first build of anything in about 40 years.
These bevel cuts bewildered me. To watch Josh do them... yikes... so straight, so easy... maybe I can do that. Nope... I practiced on everything I have... what a mess.

I watch Josh, and everyone else doing bevel cuts at FliteTest over and over. I have a pretty steady hand... but... no chance.

So then I went looking and found a number of posts on this board talking about FoamWerks. I got the V-Groove Cutter, the Bevel Cutter, and the Channel Guide ruler. The Bevel Cutter is pretty good. The V-Groove Cutter is terrible... with 2 blades. The blades aren't set evenly and it rips the foamboard. But... the V-Groove Cutter with one blade is perfect and made the cuts in the image attached. It slides along the Channel Guide and with 2 passes I have a bevel cut that even Josh would be proud of.