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Old School AP: Using a GWS Slow Stick for Aerial Photography


Flying Derp
I've never needed reinforcement for my Slow Stick fuse. Just make sure the SS kit you buy uses the fiberglass fuselage boom and NOT the aluminum.


Flying Derp
Build your Slow Stick absolutely stock to start out with, worry about upgrades later. I fly on the stock 400c brushed motor and a 2200mah lipo, no extra reinforcement on the wings, only the included carbon fiber spars for the leading and trailing edge...it'll fly and carry it's weight around just fine. When you start adding cameras and extra weight you can modify then. The first upgrades I'd suggest is the one piece carbon fiber fuselage boom and balsa tail group from radicalrc.com.

Oh, for sure do the prop adapter...this is a free upgrade if you use a servo control horn and get a bag of the little girls ponytail rubber bands (they're about the size of braces rubber bands)


Zach Scott

Junior Member
dang did not even think of the servo arm. I will do that tonight. i am almost done with the blasa tail section. Got sidetracked on a pbf. I already have the kit with the glass fuse and i was gonna reinforce the wing but never have. I thought you where talking about the fuselage. I have never seen it flex enough to need reinforcing. I love flying that thing, just would like for it to a little more manageable in gusty winds.


More combat please...
yeah- the fuse doesn't flex. It will crack if you crash it though (not bend like the aluminum fuse). The weakest point is where the joiner thingie is.