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Older Power Pack "B"


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Hi Everyone,

I have an older power pack B that I have not used yet. It was for another project that never got started. I am building a simple scout and I saw where a power pack B can be used for the plane. There is no label or info on the motor. I was curious to know, what size is the older motor. The motor uses small wood screws to hold the motor to the firewall. I have enclosed a picture of the motor and esc that came in the kit. Does anyone have an idea what motor brand and size it could be ?

Thanks for any help,



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I think it was a Emax cf2822 1200kv outrunner. you can use it on the simple scout or if you want to build the Explorer you can use it on that one too. use Propellers (8x4.5 Slow Fly) . have fun


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This is it on the ft store. https://store.flitetest.com/emax-cf2822-1200kv-brushless-motor-emx-mt-0487/p694265
Eager to see the maiden! Have fun - the scout is a really fun plane!
Hi Hanger,

Tomorrow is going to be the day for the maiden flight. I am going to have a couple of the guys at the field look the plane over and check the throws. This is my first scratch build to flight. I have a couple flights on a tiny trainer. The simple scout is going to replace the tt. I'll report back later on how things went.