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Omnibus f4 and receiver

Hello, I have a spektrum DX6 radio. I am doing a drone, my flight controller is 9g 30.5x30.5mm Omnibus F4 Flight Controller AIO OSD 5V BEC Current Sensor For RC. And I don’t understand how to connect my receiver on it. I may not have the great receiver. Please, someone can help me to found the great receiver and tell me how to connect it on my flight contrôler. Thank you.


Eternal Student
Which receiver do you have? Spektrum receivers take either 3.3v or 5V, it will be stated in the specs. Connect the red wire to the appropriate pin. The signal (white or yellow wire) will be connected to one of the UARTs Rx pins, and the black wire to ground.
Thant you very much. I very appreciate your help. I am in 3th secondary and I am making a drone for a science competition. I was unable to connect my receiver and you help me a lot.
Thank you


Elite member
It’s a good idea to bind satellite receivers before soldering them to the board. I used one of those orange RX ones on a build, there was a YouTube video on binding I followed which worked great.