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Only one motor spins (kiss fc) , bl heli esc)


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Make sure you are using a protocol (like D-Shot) that is compatible with your ESCs. Also check that your mounting screws aren't touching motor coils inside. The screws that came with my Lumenier motors were too long to use with my Reverb frame. Had to find shorter screws, but luckilly I caught that before any damage was done. Good luck to you.


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First check if you can get all 4 motors to spin using the KISS gui.

This will help separate mechanical from electrical or software issues.

If all 4 motors can be seen and controlled in the gui then its a set up issue. If not its a build / programming issue.

Things to check are that all 4 escs are flashed to same firmware and a throttle calibration has been done unless you are running dshot. Also make sure you are not trying to controll blheli 32 with a v1 KISS fc. If your fc is a v1 then you have to flash blheli s on the escs