Oops I did it again!

You know that thing that happens when you know better!


My nose was not designed to meet my tail rotor!

But it will heal and another lesson learned!


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Better your nose than your eyes! Heal fast and thanks for sharing the reminder that these "toys" are dangerous when not handled properly.


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Your nose?

How the F did you get your nose close to that prop?


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Of all the things, the nose would be one of the best to be cut... :)
It's not a joint, it doesn't bear weight, but on the other hand you might not to be able to smell all the thanksgiving food.. :(

Get well soon!

I was doing the initial setup and it was not acting right so I picked it up so I could feel what it was doing and I underestimated the force of the yaw (the tail servo is not acting correctly). The props are the 10x4.5 from the Flite Test Store not carbon. I am restarting the tuning process following the RCExplorer video to see what I did wrong. I love David's quote about the "blender in your face"!


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Almost bit myself tonight. Was in a rush, had stripped down and put back together a quad I was testing over and over.

Figured I could get away with a quick test on Cleanflight with the props on. Wasn't doing a motor test... just making sure the sticks moved correctly... and zoom!