Opensource Android based RC transmitter/GCS


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Hi.I am new here.But I love DIY stuff and really admire the work u guyz have done here.So I was Wonder around the web searching for new rc transmitter and came across this I was fascinated by this android based rc transmitter.I do have a fair knowledge about OS and I am teaching my self C/C++,Assembly these days,I am also familiar with Arduino..But in any means I am not an expert so currently I cannot fuel my idea :confused: :confused: so..I here I am handing over to experts......:) .My idea is to create a android os with a GUI for RC transmitter also with kernel modules for PPM,UART(MAVLINK support),and other kinds of drivers,and integrate it with FPV video Link.also it would be a Good idea to use 2 separate MPC and MCU as for MCU works standalone with handling Critical tasks such as PPM radio link,telemetry and low level stuff,and using the android system as a UI for input and outputting data for MCU (Curves,Model setup,Telemetry...and yes cool touch interface...:) ).demetriz from OSRC have already done most of the work but that project is discontinued. so considering the work u guyz have done I wouldn't be hard task so I sincerely hope u consider this..thanx in advance....._V_.Cheeerzz from Sri lanka


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A commendable project to tackle, but I think you'd be better off with a less interrupt based OS (Android) -- which was designed for graphical user interface use with general purpose application running capability in a multiprocessing environment.

I suspect it might make your life easier to use something designed more for real-time processing. Although a RC transmitter is essentially a user interface to servos, esc's, etc, it requires somewhat precise timing to minimize lag, etc. A lot of computer transmitters are based on the same processors as Android devices, but they most likely run a RTOS or software that's more focused on precise timing and not completely interrupt based. Of course, you can add realtime functionality to Android, but is it worth it?

Why not an arduino based RC TX?


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Firsly thanx for replieng.I definietly agree with.Android is NOT Reliable for time critical task.Thats why I am planing to seperate the two parts android for high level tasks and and assembly program runing on a seperate MCU for critical (very very ..i mean very important tasks).For what it worths most of those high end TX uses the exact system of Android embeded with seperate MCU.And YES I have thought about a RTOS (nuttx) but I think for sake of Development accessibility android siutes best (remember I am never handing over ppm stream to Android..2 seperatr systems!)PLUS why should I write all those libraris and modules for RTOS and deal with dat tiny window manager..when some one (greate people!) already done it for me.Arduino TX is already here..and to be honest arduino code (C++) is weak for this application.Besides in lcd88 project he achives ppm resolution of 11000 steps using assembly as opose to the 8 bit with arduino...and lcd 88 uses exact same MCU (atmega328) for that much smooth system.Hell taranis only have 4096 res ..even with a super beefy MCU(ST3205VET).I totally get why they chose lua,c++ for opentx becouse its a all in one system becouse if they chose assembly,they be still in beta. so in conclution back to square 1...

ps ;makattack u certainly seems to have very deep knowledge about these stuff if u have some free time please contact me.