Orange RX r610 V2?


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Hello All,
I just ordered a test R610 V2, I electrify a lot of glow kits, I have two electrified Sig Wonders, VERY QUICK! I almost lost one last weekend due to some brownout issues on my old Orange Rx 615. I ordered the new r610 V2. I cannot find any reviews on these things. I figured surely someone here would know. Let me know. Thanks in advance!

Photo of the rx I bought


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Hmm... thanks a lot damouav, I have never heard of the lemonRX line. I'll have to try some out over my winter building. I just threw my last spektrum receiver in my Wonder (after the orange died). When the orange's work (99.9999%) of the time I see no difference between them and the spektrum.


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I'm really like the Lemon's also. Recently lost an airplane to an Orange and had another go out but the airplane survived. I've seen numerous Spektrums fail at our field. Right now I am a Lemon guy.


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My question is, how compatible are they with futaba servo plugs? I like the new orange because they will fit right in so I will no longer have to use an exacto knife to trim the plug away. And in some cases cut into the pin of the plug (real pain) use Futubas because I've never had one fail and our local hobby shop sells them very cheap.


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If the RX doesn't have a case, then any plug will do.

It seems like a nice touch to have a fine plastic housing, but a piece of large shrink tubing will do just as well, cut your weight and make the brand of plug a non-issue. On my RX's (regardless of brand) the case is the first thing to go.