1. F

    Spectrum DX8 remote with case $120 free shipping

    This is DX8 remote that works perfect, I just do not need it as I recently switched to a Jumper remote. I am looking to move this now for $120 with free shipping in the USA.
  2. F

    4 - Brand new DXE remote in box unopened . $120 for all four

    I am selling 4 unopened brand new dxe remotes. This is a great beginner remote and sells for $60 a piece. I am selling all 4 for $120, free shipping in the USA. If you are interested in buying just one, two, or three, I can work out a deal for that as well. These are leftover from a drone...
  3. F

    Compact Transmitter, wireless trainer set up for Daughter and myself - FrSky vs Jumper T8SG/Spectrum

    Hi all, First post, still just starting out training on my Seagull Boomerang II 40 and a borrowed Spectrum DX7. Still indecisive on which TX to get myself. My Daughter (5 1/2 y/o) is dead keen to learn to fly and I want to get her a Bixler 3 for Christmas. Now she is tiny, and struggles with...
  4. R

    Dxe transmitter help

    My spectrum Dxe transmitter is acting strange. When I turn it on, the spectrum logo light turns red instead of orange and makes a lower beeping than the normal sound when it turns on. I can fly with it but the red light and beeping sound continue, more and more frequently. Has this happened to...
  5. S

    New Spectrum DX6i for sale, never used

    SOLD - New Spectrum DX6i for sale, never used SOLD I bought this a couple years ago to do a build I never did. I decided to go a different direction so I'm selling the Spectrum DX6i. It does not have an receiver with it. Since it's been sitting for a couple years and NiMH battery's have a...
  6. M

    Taranis Q X7 and Gremlins

    I recently bought my Q X7 and am curious if I can bind it to the Gremlin's recommended Spectrum receiver?
  7. Usafa93

    Vortex 150 Spectrum Setup

    I just got my Vortex 150 and cant wait to fly! I'm running a spectrum Rd and a DX9. I seem to remember a video fairly recently of Josh or TJ showing how the spectrum is set up: 150:150 on each servo and recommended expos. Anyone remember that or have a link? Thanks! Jay
  8. B

    Autonomous Quadcopter simultanious PWM and MSP commands as the RC input

    Hi All, I am trying to implement an autonomous with my Quadcopter using a Raspberry Pi sending MSP commands as the RC input via USB to the flight controller. This will perform functions as altitude hold and moving via distance sensor inputs. When running in certain modes some axes are still...
  9. C

    Spektrum DX4e Reciver (SPMR4400C)

    Spektrum DX4e Reciver (SPMR4400C) I have a Spectrum DX4e transmitter that came with my Hobbyzone Super Cub S With SAFE. The plane came with a bind plug but it didn't come with the DX4e reciver (the reciver/ESC, I think/gyro with SAFE was built in with the plane). I've been wanting to make my...
  10. epiper93

    Orange RX r610 V2?

    Hello All, I just ordered a test R610 V2, I electrify a lot of glow kits, I have two electrified Sig Wonders, VERY QUICK! I almost lost one last weekend due to some brownout issues on my old Orange Rx 615. I ordered the new r610 V2. I cannot find any reviews on these things. I figured...
  11. L

    Naze32 rev 6 receiver issue.

    Naze32 rev6 Cleanflight Channel Jitter Hey FT. I recently got the parts for my first multirotor build (Dragonfly) with a Naze32 FC. Missing the servo, I decided to connect the FC, an ESC and receiver up to my PC to do some initial setup (binding the receiver etc.) I then noticed after having...
  12. U

    Hitec Aurora 9X OR Spektrum DX8

    I am looking to buy a new "all rounder" radio. I have whittled down my choice to Hitec Aurora 9X or Spektrum DX8 All opinions are welcome :)
  13. Fbords

    2 x Spektrum Receivers for sale

    I have a pair of 6 channel AR6100 DSM2 receivers that I've never used. Never even bound them to a transmitter. I ordered 3 of them online a while back and never had the need to use these 2 in anything. Looking for $30 for the pair and I'll throw in shipping. They're great lightweight rx's for...