ORX TX6i battery mod


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I Have been making some changes and repairs to my ORX TX6i

* Added an enter button so as to take the strain off the hex pin on the scroll wheel.
* 3D printed new scroll wheel and araldite a new hex pin in the scroll wheel.



Next i wanted to do a battery mod. ( 3D print a new battery cover with recessed box to house 2s li-ion battery ).
I assume it takes the Eqivelant of a 2S (when i use stock 4X AA's it requires i get a voltage on the lcd display of 6. something volts.

Would i be right in thinking if i connect my homemade 18650 2s li-ion packs to the existing battery terminals via balance plug i shouldn't need to do anything else ?.


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The original T6 had a JST connector in the AA battery bay and a setting in the menu to select 2s lipo .
The TX6i has neither .:(