Anyone done a transmitter scroll wheel mod. Broke my scroll wheel again.


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I used to own an ORX T6 transmitter and after a bit of use the scroll wheel started playing up (That Tx also has an up down and enter button so wasn't an issue).

I now own a ORX TX6i and had the scroll wheel break on me and 3d printed a new one but the design is still kinda flawed and today at the field had it fail a second time.
I anticipated the would happen and bought a button and also a 3 way momentary switch for a few bucks from an electronic store a while back.

I have installed the button (Enter Button) and soldered it up and it works great .
I just cant get my head around the solder points from the scroll wheel .( I can get it to scroll down but not up).
Anyone else here tried this sort of mod on a scroll wheel with any success ?.


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The scroll functionality is handled by a rotary encoder which generates two streams of pulses out of phase with each other. The order in which the pulses are received by the micro controller provides the information as to which direction the scroll wheel is turning. This behavior will be difficult (but possible) to replicate using momentary switches. Assuming that it's just a mechanical failure of the scroll wheel and and that you don't want to try to fix it again, you could desolder the rotary encoder, mount it to the outside of the case, solder jumper wires from the encoder to the original pads on the board, then stick a dowel in it to twist the encoder.


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Just worked out that the rotary encoder is the same one used for the scroll wheel in any cheap $5 optical mouse (handy to know if you had a mechanical failure and wanted to swap it out ).