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P-38 lightning Swappable


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I would be interested in seeing a scratch build of the P-38 lightning on the show. If there are any other members interested in this design please post down below.


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Its my favorite warbird. The twin booms and twin engines with cockpit in the center make it really unique. I think it should be the next twin engine swappable.
It was my Dad's favorite plane, he actually got to fly in one, although he had to crouch in a little storage space behind the pilot :rolleyes:

I wonder if ExperimentalAirlines could cook one up?


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those member built p-38s are very nice. i would just like to see a flite test build video and laser cut kit of the p-38 as well.

Also JasonEricAnderson i see you are currently building an OV-10 Bronco which is also a nice airplane.


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Its nice to see such a positive response about my favorite warbird. hopefully flitetest will see this thread and respond with a p-38 swappable kit. I'd definately be buying the laser cut kit.


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Try out IL 2 Sturmovik (1946 or later) if you are jonesing to fly the P-38. I still practice carrier landings with F4Us in that old sim.
A cheapo 4-axis game controller would get you pretty close, with the main difference being that you have to hold the throttle where you want it, and the fact that you have a circular range of motion for the sticks, instead of square.

I've flown sims with game controllers before, and it was a decent experience. Not wonderful, but decent.


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i wish they'd make a flight sim based on modern video game graphic systems. that would be amazing.

Do you mean combat sim or regular sim ?

DCS is a free comobat flight sim you can get on steam, you only get to fly the SU-25T and TF51D Mustang in the free version, then you add on planes as DLC.

https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/ (they don't seem to have a P38 yet though :) and yes, their DLC models are pretty expensive, almost to cost of an entire game for each in some cases :( )

there is also a new IL2 game, IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad. but not sure how many P38's you'll see in a game focuses on Russians and Germans ;)

for regular flight sim there's always X-Plane, and there's now two new versions of flight sim X. Dovetail will re-release the old version and develop a new. And Lockheed Martin licenses the enginer for their Prepar3D simulator