P-51D Mustang - Build, Tune, Fly!


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Welcome to our very first Build, Tune, Fly! We are taking a closer look at the P-51D Mustang from our Weekender Warbirds episode.


The first step is, obviously, BUILD!


This goes together extremely easily and the provided instructions do a great job of explaining everything.


This plane goes together with no glue or tape. Everything either fits tight or is screwed together.


Once the plane is put together, you want to TUNE!
These are the recommended rates Josh likes to use. Each has its advantages and disadvantages but use whichever is most comfortable for you.
This is also where you would check your throws and make sure left = left, right = right, etc.
Now for the most fun part. FLY!




Also, if you are going to belly land, remove the drop tanks!


We hope this gives you an idea of how this warbird sets up. We really enjoyed this plane and hope you do to!

Like the new format? Let us know!


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That's a great looking warbird! Perfect size for me, but I've bought many of the Hobbico/Flyzone Aircores frames. I really need to resist the urge to order these more scale looking versions from HiTec... my problem is more a space issue in my old/Victorian flat...
Great post, I especially like the tune portion of this post. I Just posted a thread to the swappables forum asking the community to give me feed back on their expo rates for the FT Racer. I would really love to get some feed back from you FLiteTest guys!!


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Control deflections

I like the format, but I do have a small point re the control throws. Specifying a percentage assumes the a specific point on the servo horn and control horn have been used. If you also specify the deflection in old & new money (mm and inches) for 100%, people can measure to be sure.


I just recently purchased the Corsair (I'm ex-Navy and that's one of my favorite WW2 planes). I did take it out once so far and utterly destroyed the propeller. I noticed soon after that that the ailerons won't align correctly no matter how much I adjust it on the transmitter... I'm out of ideas... any advice?