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Hello all.
This is going to be my first build log. Iv always been fascinated by the P3 Orion and there don't seem to be many plans floating about in the inter-webs for a P3. I did manage so find a very detailed set from Australia though. I've built my share of the FT planes and a few of the others scattered around the site here so this will serve as my contribution to the community. There has to be one or two Orion fans on here. The plans I have are scaled at 1:10 120" WS 140" fuselage. Really really big for foam board, so the plan is to scale it to a 60" WS, big enough to have fun but not excessive. Ill try to keep this thread up to date as the build progresses. here are a few starter images. All of my work is done in Solidworks. Once the prototype is design is finished Ill post up a beta plan for anyone who wants to try. Final drawing package will go up once the prototype is built and tested. Thanks to everyone for the awesome builds.



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<<< Almost sensor 3 on p3 charlie updates back in 83. Couldnt grasp the difference between a whale fart n a trawler screw during cross station training so I was demoted to bomb jockey on Nimitz.

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Was on P2V's chasing Russian sub's off the Florida's coast when we were firing our missles. Use to hear the shrimp and whales when we testing sonobuoys and one day heard WBZ radio station coming in nicely. They tried to entice me to stay in by offering plane captain on a P3 when they first came out.


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We see them here frequently doing training flights, touch & goes, approaches, and once in while shaking windows. On OS November weather station patrol halfway between SF and Hawaii they drop mags and newspapers to us in shell canisters. Always liked the P3. I encourage you to proceed with your build. L Edge, I have the MinI C123 about ready to fly I'll post pictures in the near future.

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Hope you add a video to that. Did a YC-14 and a shuttle drop using multis that is on this site. Working on really some off the wall type stuff next.


Weekend update. Moderate progress on the model. I decided to use the NerdNic approach for wing construction. Personally, I think it looks cleaner in larger models. The fuselage has a decent sized central core for all the flight electronics. At model scale there is also tons of room in the forward cargo bay. I have a side project to incorporate a retractable GoPro camera. The intent is to retract into the bay and film directly down or articulate down and out for a forward facing 45deg shot.

I still have to work out the wing mount. I dont travel with my aircraft so they are all fixed / non-Removable wings. I can’t expect everyone to want a fixed wing, so I have to incorporate some way to remove it. Model scale still sits at 60” fuselage (nose to base of the vertical stab) and 65” WS.

I also have to come up with a plan for the nose. I’m not keen on the boxy block look of some aircraft. I prefer the pie-cut or radius roll methods but they can easily become difficult to manage.

I’m not sure if it will be surfaced in foam board or poster board. I”ve built both types, foam board is more forgiving for flight failures but poster board is lighter and easier to replace. I’m open to suggestions. What are your thoughts?

That’s about all for this update. I’ve got more time next weekend to wrap up the design and get the plans out to the laser shop.

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Vacation update. I managed to get a pattern covering of the nose done. This is still a rough prototype and its a bit rough around the edges. I'm not satisfied with how the front windscreen looks so I might re-work that area.

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