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P47 recommended options


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I am confused about the recommended items to go with P47 kit. The Power pack C has ESC's that come with XT-60 connectors and then they recommend a battery with a T-style connector. Why did they do this? Don't they sell a battery with the matching XT-60 plug?

Flite Test FT P-47 Electric Airplane Kit (1206mm)

recommended Battery
$39.99 - Gens Ace 4S LiPo Battery 45C (14.8V/2200mAh) (details...)


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You can either use an adapter, change the ESC plug or just buy a 3s 2200 mah 40C lipo from somewhere like Hobbyking instead. Their 2200mah is half the price of that one as well. It’s here at $15.
I just fit everything with XT60’s. Not hard to change connectors, even on batteries, just don’t cut both wires at once, cut, solder and insulate one at a time.


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I wouldn't put too much stress on THEIR Part Recommendations...
Someone at A-Main was just ASLEEP at the wheel!! 😖😜

Always match your Battery Plug to your ESC.
If looking at a "value package" and the ESC and Battery have DIFFERENT plugs - CONTACT THEM BEFORE BUYING ANYTHING!!

(.....also an advantage of NOT buying from China! But that's your choice always)

If you're running a large, heavier Aircraft (P-47!), with a Motor with some Power and Punch....
NEVER get a 20-25C Battery!!
Will it still work? SURE, it will work. But, the Amp Draw from the Motor and ESC, COULD overheat the Battery.

This was never an issue before Lipos!!! 😖 It's a Safety thing!
There's ALWAYS someone, who will tell you "Oh, I run 20C 4S Batteries in my twin Motor Guinea Pig all the time!"

{And that's NOT a dig towards ANYONE here!!!}

Just because something CAN be done.... Doesn't mean that it SHOULD.

I'm on an IMPOSSIBLE Budget, and understand not having enough money to get the best stuff....
I recommend that you ask around and if a certain Battery has Reviews (Amazon, Evilbay), READ them.
GOOD, cheap Batteries, Motors, ESCs, etc.... EXIST. Sometimes, they're even runs of top Name stuff, that a (Chinese) Manufacturer puts out runs of, under a Generic Name!

Lots of People in the RC Ground Community (that I've been into MUCH longer than Flight), highly recommend "Anwafi" Batteries.
Our Ground Rigs draw WAY MORE Power than nearly any Aircraft.

Sorry for writing SO MUCH!! This is just a subject that I know well, that if too many shortcuts are taken, can burn you - LITERALLY! 😉