TurtlesThatFly's hangar listing minus projects

TurtlesThatFly's hangar listing with pics and without projects

Well apparently my signature ran out of space so i'm just going to put them here. :rolleyes:

This list does not list the current projects because there are only three of them and they are in my signature
Unpowered free flight planes are now listed!

Here it goes I guess...:


Hobbyzone Duet: This plane just will not die! It was my first plane and also has the most crumpled nose. I had it for the past 2 years already and it had survived nose dives, a collision with an 8" propeller and had nearly been shot down by a model rocket! I also taught my friends how to fly R/C planes with it and chased some kids with it at the park (sometimes it's the other way around :p).

FT Sparrow chuck glider: An FT Sparrow built to see what the waterproof foam stuff was

With FT Sparrow chuck glider

e-Flite 1.1m T-28: This was my first 4-channel rc plane. It's basically a re-release of the Parkzone T-28. Has somewhat floaty flight characteristics and flys nice. Horizon discontinued it recently though. :(

With Simple Stratofortress wing and cargo plane airframe

Flyzone Aircore Spitfire/Principle: Flies but they are missing their props/transmitter.

With FF Powerup 2.0 pusher and balsa twin boom canard

FF Powerup 2.0 pusher: A little plane I made out of a Powerup 2.0 and a sheet of styrofoam. Is fun to toss around and only took 15 minutes to build.

Balsa twin boom canard: A canard style plane I made in the ACE summer camp last year. It was actually the largest of all of them! Because of that, it was used to launch other people's planes off of it by hoping that the smaller glider would gain lift and fly off of it. :p

Parkzone UM P-51: The first ultra micro P-51 made by Horizon Hobby. It's 10 years old and has a very flexible prop. It kinda sounds like a Champ while it flies around.

With Watt-age Turbo Vector Fuselage

Toy-grade quadcopters from hills of China and in the aisles of Hobbytown (3x): Just what it says. They all have the same props, electronics, and gearboxes. They are still pretty fun though. (one is still in China)

BLADE mSR S: A micro 4 channel fixed pitch RC heli. It's also my first hobby-grade RC heli. It's super fun to fly and even the fish in the fish tank take interest in the helicopter!

SYMA S107: A small coaxial helicopter that re-taught me heli basics. It's really slow and probably needs a new battery, but it at least still flies.


Super Cessna: 3 channel trainer. My first scratchbuilt plane :cool:, made from a big sheet of insulation foam from Lowe's and has a 680mm wingspan! It needs to be repaired because I crashed it and broke the motor mount.

40 year old balsa glider thing: This is an old glider my Grandpa built 40 years ago as a chuck glider and gave to me a couple years ago. It is covered with Monokote and has floats for some reason. The wingspan is around the 1.4 meter to 1.5 meter mark and I think it might have been made by a company that Top Flite bought called Craft-Air. I won't fix or re-cover it until I can identify it. Does anybody know what it is?


Watt-Age Turbo Vector: An electric ducted fan kit from the early 2000's. It's missing it's electronics, so i'm just going to use equivalent stuff from the hobby shop and a equivalent EDF from Hobbyking to complete the build due to the difficulty of finding the recommended electronics.

Flyzone Beechcraft Staggerwing: I got it for free at a swap meet. I don't have any plans for what to do with this thing yet.


Upcoming projects

Rocketcat A Haoye Flycat with a C size rocket motor stuck behind it.

Fleet One A chuck glider to be converted into a 4 motor launch plane.

Malamute cargo plane A giant cargo plane airframe I made for reasons I forgot. It now resides in my living room.

Microquad V.2: The microquad with angled tail rotors.


VTOL Tiltrotor: A 3 motor ~$400 hunk of wires, foam, plywood, and servos that never took off the ground. I since then stole electronics from it and I have no clue where the airframe went.

microquad V1: It's a basic small quadcopter that I put together using a laser cut frame, electronics from my friend's old quadcopter, and a camera from one of mine. It flew great until it crashed into a driveway and broke some very, very annoying wires to solder. It also broke the frame and it now lives in a drawer along with a complete power system made from the Tiltrotor's electronics and a 60A ESC.

In it's brighter days

Yiboo Black Hawk: A tiny coaxial UH-60 Black Hawk RC heli that I flew and crashed alot when I was a kid. It now doesn't fly anymore so it kinda just sits on a bookcase, a memoir of my childhood.

LBW Project: (LBW=Lifting Body Wing) Some collaboration with my friend to make a lifting body style plane with a stubby wing to launch from his FT Spear. It was canceled because we both lost interest in the project and the airframe lives with him now.
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