Paint for balsa color match.


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I've gone through a bunch of different paints over the years and even tried mixing my own for air brush use and was never happy. Then a few years ago I tried THIS. I used a Walmart link but you can get it just about anywhere Krylon paint is sold and it's the closest match to most balsa color that I've found. I use it sometimes to cover mistakes, bar codes or dark spots on balsa that are likely to show through lite covering. It usually only requires a light fogging and you end up adding very little weight. A side benefit is that the paint when dry and then heated by the covering iron acts like Balsarite or Stixit as an extra layer of adhesion. I've used a light fog of it on areas that I expect trouble when covering. I've also used hair spray with great success when I don't need to hide something. That same hair spray works great for 3D printing bed adhesion as well. LOL.



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Thanks for the tip. I sanded most of my bar codes off even knowing I was putting dark blue film over everything. I still wanted them gone :). Your way looks a lot easier.