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Painting the Cub

What do you do while waiting for your back to recover from a work injury? Paint your planes. Bought some acrylic craft paints and touched up the P47 and then started on the cub. Orientation should not be an issue but still looking to add some more detailed stuff like checkered flag on the rudder and still have to do windscreen and side windows.
Thanks everyone. Yes 2 coats of acrylic at 10 paces comes up not too bad. Battleaxe the P 47 is on I picked up recently. I pulled all the electrics out and changed 2 servos. Just needed touch up paint on the front cowl and rudder. Just waiting for an Rx and it is ready to fly again. I'll take it out to the club next time I take the cub out for another attempt at a successful maiden and flying lesson one. I will let one of the experts give it a run to check for any motor or esc issues. These are before and after.


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I always thought his avatar looked like a Cub

Are those prop shaft collars you are using to reinforce the skewer holes? I have seen others do that before, how do you like it?
I got the idea for the prop collars from a thread by Steve Fox. After two crashes from the first attempts to maiden, the BBQ skewers had oblonged the holes pretty badly so I dug out the foam and glued in the collars. I also have them on the power pod. Haven't had it back in the sky since but lining up the pod to insert the skewers seems easier. I am hoping any impact in future will just shear the skewers.


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I use the old drilled gift card method and I found that it is exactly how it works, just shears the skewer. And it is really easy to index the holes for the power pod. I have them in both the fuse and the pod and it is accurate and solid. I have been using the same pod for more then six planes and it is in and out a lot compared to most. Beyond a couple broken firewalls the pod has held up to a great deal of abuse. I have a power pod thread, if you haven't seen it the link is here.