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Parkjet Problem needs help

Hi guys I need some help here...

I bought a EPO Parkjet (kit) from HK http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...dProduct=18249

I added some photos that will show the way I put all the gear in there.

I use 2 HXT900's, 30A ESC from hobbyking, an e-flite Park-250 motor and a 1000mAh 2s Lipo nanotech.

The problem I have is that whenever I launch it it dives straight into the ground with a left roll. I also tried it without motor just to see if that was torque roll but it still did the same.

First I changed the CG (from 2mm from holes to 2/3 of the holes) by putting the lipo further back but no changes. After that I pointed the motor more up (from 2° to 3-4° I think) but no changes. Next I tried trimming it to the right but no changes either. the faster I throw the more the effect, slower and without power it was less but still unflyable. I don't get the chance to get my hands on the controls.

I tried different launching methods (using finger holes and throwing straight and swinging it away by holding the wingtip) but using the finger holes was the best.

I don't really know what other things might be the cause so that's what 'd like to hear from you guys...

I've made a cut in the left wing leading edge to put the rx antenna in but I don't think that would have that much influence on the flying...

I hope you guys can help me :)

Btw thanks Flitetest for all your reviews, it got me in the hobby in no time :) and I love it lol
Foto0084.jpg Foto0085.jpg Foto0086.jpg Foto0087.jpg Foto0088.jpg Foto0089.jpg Foto0090.jpg Foto0091.jpg

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
That cut on the left wing....do you cover it with tape to smooth the aerofoil i dont think
it would cause drag but you never know, if it rolls to the left every time then it might be
a weight issue or tourqe