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Parkzone SE5A

Hi all, Just wondering if any of you own the Parkzone SE5a? I have one on order and can't wait to get my hands on it. Will post flight vids and pictures as soon as it arrives. If anyone has this plane or likes WWI birds I would like to know your experiences and thoughts.


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sukhoi, I saw this plane at the last event I visited. I was VERY impressed with it. I am not an SE5A fan, but the over all quality, and the time I spent watching it fly, has me hopeful some other WWI birds are on the list to be announced soon!
Flyingmonkey, Cool man. Yes the SE5A is not my favorite either but I love WWI birds and want something nice to fly around steady now and then. Really hope they bring out a Fokker or Sopwith next. Have had mine on order for months it should have been here but some mix up happened and container never made it to Australia so we are still waiting for it here.


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A Sopwith would be pretty sweet!

If they do a Fokker, hopefully they will have enough tact to not make it red. Not every German WWI plane was red... ugh.

I don't want to see a Spad, they've done that already with their E-Flite line.

An Albatros might be interesting though.


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LOVE IT! It seems to handle take-offs and landings on grass with ease (but then your grass looks like it's as short as they come). I have the Electrifly 36" Fokker D.VII and it HATES grass.


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Yea i've flown in some more bumpy fields for sure before with this plane and it does fine maybe a nose over or two but only at the very end of the roll.
Well here it is. What a nice plane. Even though the SE5A is not my favorite bipe they are what got me into RC planes. Just love WWI planes. Here are a few pics of what came in the box and what it looks like finished. I had a PNP version ordered but my LHS was sent BNF so they took battery and charger out and I got it for PNP price with the receiver. So bonus receiver is cool. Hope to fly it tomorrow if we get no more rain. Going to get a few flights in then put a wooden prop on it and some rigging wires as well as change the cheezy pilot.


I have this plane it is wonderful; extremely forgiving, very stable and capable of awesome barnstorming action!

It is also quite tough, as I land it regularly on a rocky dirt road with no issues - if you cut to almost no throttle and glide in, it lands fantastically even on a rubble field.

In terms of scale of size, you can get an idea from the Parkzone photo itself:



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The only thing I would say goes against this great plane is the joke of a pilot they used. Looks like something from "Catch that pidgon" :D
Well finally got the chance to maiden the SE5A today. And I like it, even though it feels really different to what I am used to flying. Very docile and smooth, to me it has a funny feel about it but am used to planes that react quicker. The vid is of the maiden flight so I didn't do much except just get the feel of it. Only had a tiny key cam stuck to my hat not good quality so didn't bother with other two vids. On the other two flights I did some rolls, loops, and stall turns all done easy and look very scale like as they should for this type of plane. Landings are easy just cut throttle and let it glide down, all my landings were on rough grass and it just touches down light as a feather. I have never had a plane that lands so light. It does like to have rudder input in turns though, something I will have to get use to. Overall it does exactly what I wanted it for, nice relaxing scale flying and looks the part in the air.

Will get a better vid as soon as my son is around to use the camera.


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Love this plane

I have the Durafly / HK plane, not Parkzone.

I have an SE5a. It is thoroughly terrific. My first Bi-plane and WW1 warbird.

I have noticed it doesn't handle too much wind, which perhaps is just a trait on a Bipe, but it's looks so damn awesome in the sky.

I wouldn't call it a "slow flyer". It has a powerful motor and huge prop for this plane. For me, that means half-throttle scale flying and long battery run-time.

The look, quality and flight characteristics are really very good. I posted a review on RC Groups and also under the product on the Hobby King web-site.

Get it. You will love it!

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I have this plane as well, and I like it a lot, but I would agree that it is not a classic "Slow Flier". While it handles very well, because of the big motor and the large prop it's swinging, it does go a little faster than I thought it would. Overall though, this plane is a quality plane, flies great and looks the part. I would not recommend it as a first plane though.
i have this plane and love it! yes rudder is a big part of flying this plane. if you don't it will drag the tail around the inside of the turn. Use the rudder to pick the tail up and get it back in line with the airplanes travel path and sometimes counter with aileron to keep the turn from steepening. i have a couple of phone vids i did by sticking my phone on the plane. I might post one. Love the plane. im a softy for wwi