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Parkzone T28 SAFE

I recently bought myself a Parkzone t28 BNF, and whilst it flew well i thought that if i was going to be learning how to fly it during the winter it would be a good idea to get some kind of stabilisation. after much thinking i purchased the AR636 Receiver from the Hobbyzone Corsair S into my T28. This was a very simple installation, and it works wonderfully. thought i would post this here as when i was researching this there wasn't any tutorials on how to install the receiver in a t28.

Ron B

Posted a thousand or more times
With the SAFE rx you need to make sure it is level with the plane as the plane would be in flight.
Make sure it is pointed up and facing forward with the antennas.
Spectrum compatible and 6 ch. tx.
Now that said I used a DX4e and all worked but the panic button and the reason is the 4e is really a 5 ch and the DX5e is really a 6 ch tx.
This next year I would like to move up to an 8 or 9 ch so I can work with SAFE but use retracts and maybe flaps and lights.
I have an orange T-6 but it won't bind to my SAFE rx's of which I have 2 from the apprentice and have put one in the PS Sport cub and now the other is going into an FT Spitfire.
I made sure the ar636 was positioned in the t28 the same way it is in the corsair. I may be wrogn but i think the only safe receiver with spare channels for retracts and flaps is the apprentice rceiver, which only has 1 spare channel for retracts and flaps etc. I actually had a rather amusing accident with my t28 earlier today, where i lost control sue to the fact that i didnt plug the battery connecters together properly! It was very windy and the plane was bouncing around, and the battery connectors seperated. Amazingly the t28 just floated down to the ground right was up, with the knly damage being a a few lines in the fuselage. Unfortunately it landed on someone elses land so after a few tense minutes i managed to climb over the fence and retreive it. The t28 is so rugged that it survived essentially a uncontrolled descent from 30m, but i reconnected the battery and off she went again!

Ron B

Posted a thousand or more times
RC Groups has a thread dedicated to putting SAFE in other planes.
A lot of good info there. Thread is quite long.