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PART OF MY EDF AIRPLANE BONEYARD (my cellar of course)

L Edge

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Have a number of designed planes retired from good service. That is why some of the scratchbuilts are worn and wrinkled like me. Let them sit there long enough and I get to use them again with a new project.

1) My "2 FUR 1" plane. A transport. The first transport was designed to drop my shuttle using props and then came the designed for the YC-14 STOL.
Tail was hacked for T shaped and JUST MADE A NEW WING AND VOILA!!!!. Took off old wing, replaced with EDF's and there you are. Used 2 cheap 64 mm EDF's and shaped it in and WOW, did it fly. Now why did I trash it?
Got tired of not having enough power for heavy winds and flights that only lasted from 2 to 4 minuites. Move transport tail back to normal and return to the regular props, making it a "2 fur 1".
Picked up a lot of info with this design.
P1010095.JPG P1010095.JPG

P1010078.JPG P1010095.JPG P1010078.JPG

L Edge

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Help on editing. Need to get back to tags and how do you delete one extra copy?

Project 2

Design a VTOL using a 64 mm EDF:


Did lots of research hoping it would work. Plan was to have directional controls(yes, it had elevons and moving rudder facing straight down, it would lift off by gyro assistance and then rotate 90 for forward flight). Hung 3 ft off floor to bypass ground turbulance and used car battery for power supply. Control surfaces were made out of heli parts and servos.

Result: Failure and to the Boneyard!!!!!!!
As a result of info gathered, the lemon turned into lemonade as a STOL project which will be next.
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L Edge

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Question for rockyboy.
EDF's are an area that not too many pilots are aware of and wouldn't it be nice if there was a thread strickly devoted to discussing what pilots find that work and what doesn't.
Sharing is very important and by having it in a common thead, it would allow a would be designer the ability to find good positive data all in one area. Make sense?
For instance, first point to make, flights will last anywhere from 2 1/2 min to perhaps 4 1/2 min. You need to do throttle management to exceed 3 or more minutes. So, shorter flights than using props.
This also would generate more interest in your contest dealing with future planes.