Perfect bevel cuts


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Hey Guys, I've been making all my bevel cuts at first using a simple tool I made from a block of wood and now one I 3d printed from a file on Thiingiverse. That's the blue one in the photo. I use the razor with a dulled tip to make a nice clean score cut at the hinge line. Do this all with the foamboard laying flat as shown in the photo. I'm sure I'm not the only guy out there doing this. It is quick, easy and produces a perfect bevel. The blade is set to a depth just above the paper. Don't forget to use the Flite Test method to seal the hinge with hot glue. Hope this helps some of the guys out there who are new to building with foamboard.


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This is a great idea, keeps them super consistent. If you have the .stl file for the adapter could you do me a favor and post this on my Quick Tips thread, link here, it is a donation bank of builders tips for people to reference from. If you have the file to 3D print it, would be much appreciated if you could post that there with your entry. Thanks a lot and much appreciated (y):cool:(y)


I cut wing bevels by laying the wing along the edge of the table. Then run a large 25mm snap blade cutter along the table edge.

I also don't cut the bevels on control surfaces. I IRON the edges with one of those Monocote irons made for ironing/shrinking plastic films coverings. Use a quite high setting. DO NOT USE AN IRON FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE. THE FOAM WILL GET ON THE IRON AND RUIN IT FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE.

I use the iron to make a 45 degree bevel on leading edges to strengthen them. Do this to a piece of scrap foam and then rap it against a sharp edge. It will resist dents and delamination of the foam.