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Phoenix bomb drop help please.


Senior Member
I picked up Phoenix to use with my DX6i recently. I'm enjoying having a way to fly when I get off at night but the bomb drop seems to mean I have to press a key on the keyboard. That isn't very simulator like for me. Taking my hand off the controller to press 5 means I have to stop flying and we all know that can end poorly. Is there a way to get that onto one of the switches on the Tx?

I also have a DX8 in the house, would using that make putting the bomb drop on the Tx easier?


Junior Member
Yeah you can use whatever channel you want. Just go into the setup menu, then go to edit control profile. Under the general listing you can change the channel you use for your smoke, bomb drop, flaps, ect... Added a picture to show where I'm talking about.


Hope this helps.