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Phoenix Flight Simulator

Hey, have you guys considered getting in contact with Phoenix Flight Simulator (www.phoenix-sim.com) and teaming up to have some of your FT models featured on their simulator? I think it would be awesome to be able to fly some of the FT originals on the sim before we take them to the air.

Just a thought!

Hey willsonman, I have always wanted to create a few different planes on my RealFlight sim for a while but never knew how. Would you please instruct me how to do this? Also, can you create ultra micro planes such as the Park Zone Champ, Ember 2, Night Vapor (with lights). Like many others, flying these small planes need to be flown in a calm area and it seems like it always is to windy to fly near my house. Having the Flite Test planes also would be great also for the reasons you brought up. Much appreciate. Baron Bernie
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The creation process is long. You start by creating the plane in 3D by 3DS max or Wings3D (what I use mostly). Then you use Max to create the hierarchy and set pivots, lights, retract parameters, and do your UV map. Then based on your UV map you then create your color scheme in photoshop or Gimp (what I use). Once that is all done using Max and the Knife Edge plugin you export to the KEX format and import to RealFlight and set up your physics model for the airplane. Most of how to do all of this is covered in many many tutorials on the KnifeEdge forums. Just do your homework and dig right in. Once you get one done the second will be much easier. I've been doing this for a few years now mostly because the models I am interested in are never modeled. Rare planes or just historically interesting ones.

Like I said it takes some time but for these more simple planes its totally doable. I'd be happy to do a FT plane if there is particular interest. Maybe the FT crew could let me know if they would like a RealFlight model to be released along with plans. Just so you know my intentions are for the development of the hobby I could never be paid for this per the EULA of the KEX plugin. The FT Twin looks super cool and would love to get my grubby mitts on it.


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Whipped up the power pod tonight in about 20 minutes. The ESC and Motor are from a parts repository over at KE but we all donate "parts" to help speed up the process.
PP ESC view.JPG PP Motor view.JPG