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Phoenix RC ans Spektrum USB receiver not recognized


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Did you install the driver? Did you follow the installation instructions? If you think you did install the driver, check in Device Manager whether Windows is using the correct one. If you plugged the device in before loading the driver, Windows most likely will have chosen a standard driver rather than find the correct one.

If you have loaded the driver after you plugged in the device, try unplugging it and use a different USB port. If you're lucky, Windows will then use the correct driver.

I hope this doesn't hurt, but in case you don't know and for anybody else considering a simulator, you don't need to buy anything expensive. The 22 in 1 Simulator cable that you can buy from Amazon for $10 comes with a cable, a USB adaptor and Phoenix 5.5. All you need is a trainer port on your transmitter.
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It is a Spektrum WS1000. I did pay about $30 for it but I have four Spektrum xmitters. It does work with my quad sim. When I plugged it into the USB port it did install something. Your advice will be investigated.I appreciate your information.


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The 22 in 1 cable comes with Phoenix on the disk and it definitely works. I use it myself, so does Buzzbomb.
Yep. See the thread.


Admins, I keep coming down here and posting that link. I purposely put it where I put it, so more new pilots would see it. I didn't want to bury it down here, where only the dedicated look.

Is it possible to leave active it up above, and sticky it down here, and have one update when the other does?