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Pics from another good day of flying!


Met up with Pilot-294 again today. He brought along his fiance (who took much better pictures than those I am posting) and my buddy, Mike. Here are a couple of pics. We had a good time.

P-294 caused us all to nearly blow out our shorts when he rolled the F4U at very low altitude! The nose dropped but he pulled her out about a foot above the ground. My heart was racing for 5 minutes afterwards! LOL! Don't DO that Jesse! My heart can't take it. Ha ha!

Grandi (Mike), who teaches and does the rc build club with me, crashed his new F-86 50 mm. My Mig flew great after yesterday's repairs. He has a Sky surfer and we are always doing ridiculous stuff with it and my Wild Hawk. We finally managed a mid-air collision today! I came swooping in from above like an Osprey zeroed in on a fish basking in the sun. He was skipping the Surfer off the ground like a stone on a pond. As he pulled up, the Hawk nailed the Surfer from above! The air was filled with the sound of a top, rear mounted prop meeting a solid object. We both were able to maintain controlled flight for a few yards. We both landed safely and he came running over to give me a high-five. It was hilarious! We checked things out-the collision removed pulled the elevator control rod out of the servo arm. His prop was trimmed down from a 6x4 to a 5x4. We called it a draw.

Here are a couple of pics. Hopefully P-294 will post up the much better pics his fiance took!

Wild Hawk and Surfer damage Hawk&Surfer Mid-Air.jpg

P-294 with his PZ F4U Pilot-294.jpg

P-294's beautiful Corsair. I'm so jealous! PZ Corsair.jpg


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don't be too jealous now ;) haha I'm sure once i get a new girl, if i get back from the air force (on vacations) ill let you fly her :D

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It took me a while to find people that were interested. Getting a few friends flying my cub stirred some interest. We pretty much started with cubs and a couple other guys joined in with the ultra micros. We've since found out that a few of our other friends had flown years ago but stopped. Now they're starting to get back into it.