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Pixhawk to Arduino Pwm Signal. How to?

Hello, @Craftydan recommended me this forum for asking any quad related questions, whose answers he forgot, a few months ago. I joined and tried looking for them and it helped me alot. :)
Now, my story, i want to build a drone as my previous one broke, and I was looking at Naza (only because that would be my first build or I'd be using PX anyways) but it went out of stock. So now I'm thinking of getting this FC from Banggood https://www.banggood.in/Pixhawk-PX4...-p-1040416.html?cur_warehouse=CN&rmmds=search.
I'd rather buy off Amazon, but most have bad reviews and don't specify what's included and what's not. Other robotics sites have it listed out of stock and this is the only one on Banggood that ships to India. I'll buy whatever extra is required separately. One thing that I wanted to do was to connect a relay to an Arduino and then use it toggle between picture and video mode of an action cam and to release the shutter. What the arduino has to do is to detect the pwm signal and then toggle the relay on and off like I would do on ground. If I used the Naza I was just going to connect it to a PWM channel on the fs ia10b receiver (fs i6s transmitter), but since I'll be using Ibus, I don't think I can still be able to connect a channel to the arduino, right? Or can I do it? Also will I be able to give a PWM out to the Arduino through the one of the main ports of the Arduino?
From what I found on an rcgroups thread, I think I can use it (I think because Ibus is using serial port and PWM uses an Output port on fs ia10b). Also If it won't work, I think I'll just get a PPM encoder, and connect channels 1 to 5 to it and use others directly (that might even allow me to use a gimbal directly too :D). Or maybe I can send Pwm to Arduino using a servo PWM signal?