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Planes you Regret Buying & Planes You Would Replace

What planes do you regret buying? What planes would you replace if they got totaled?

Here's some planes I would never replace:

The ParkFlyers Gee Bee 3D - my first RC plane and my worst one. It's still my hardest to fly plane, just bad.
The LightFlite Twirl Autogyro - just boring.
The BP Cub - too easy to crash, it just dares you to try a simple trick so it can demonstrate its crashing abilities. It tip stalls VERY easily. Nice plane to look at though (it's balsa).
The E-Flite 4-Site - it's fun to fly BUT it's soooo delicate you can crunch it just trying to install the battery.
The Flyzone Albatros - I love it's looks but it's badly engineered. For example the prop is pressed onto the motor shaft, now screwed on like it should be. It comes loose and whataya gonna do? I put a Ultra-Micro Mustang motor/gearbox in mine and now it's great and it has a lot more power now.
The Ultra-Micro Beast - just too wild for me, too easy to crash. I guess they fixed it with the new AS3X system on the new model.
The Ultra-Micro Mosquito - tip stalls extremely easily, not as stable as I would like.
The Blade SR Helicopter - I've flown it five times... five crashes... many replacement parts. Mine's not stable in the least. I just want it to hover but it won't cooperate. Waste of money.

Here's some of the planes I own that I would replace:

The AXN Floater Jet - great plane once you learn how to launch it.
The Parkzone Wildcat - my most reliable plane, never had to do any work on it and it flies great.
The Hobbyzone Super Cub - just all around great and durable. Mine has ailerons, brushless motor and lights.
Any Flying Wing - I just love flying wings
The Hangar 9 Aspire EP - very stable and friendly, good power with a brushless motor, poor power in stock form. I have three of these (yes, I'm addicted).
SkyFun and ParkJet - same plane, different sizes. They're hard to launch by hand so I use a bungee catapult. Just fun to fly but careful if you go too slow - death spiral!
The Great Planes SE5a Biplane - made of balsa, just love it.
The Hawk 3D (aka HobbyKing Super 3D Flatform) - very durable and very aerobatic.
The Parkzone Ultra-Micro Mustang - very stable and flies scale-like for an ultra micro.
The Hobbyzone Champ - just easy fun and durable. Flies good in wind too.
The Hammer 3D - a profile flat depron foamy, very stable, rolls like crazy, good slow-speed/high alpha flyer. Mine has lots of LED lights.


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0, None, Zip, Nada, I am happy with all 2 of mine and haven't flown the 3 I am currently building (F117, F22, Extra 300, ) of course. Plans for over 200 different planes are pending time and materials.

I regret buying the BlitzRCWorks (from bananahobby.com) Oversize Shangri-La P51D Mustang
I bought the ARF version but here is a link now they have a RTF version, i wouldn't buy it... It looks great in the Pics but it was poorly made the Electric Retracts Suck, they have a TON of Play in them. The decals are really sloppy and they don't line up well. The motor mount is a thin piece of plastic. I will never buy another plane from BananaHobby.com again who know maybe my plane was made on a Monday or Friday, but I think most of their product are like this...look good in the photos and videos but they are pretty crummy up close.
I'd never get the accipiter badius (slope driver) again. It was my first plane and litterally never flew for more than 10 seconds. The wings snapped easily at the center and one side was heavier than the other causing it to constantly try to roll. Now I didn't know what the problem was at the time so I just kept trimming the rudder to no avail. It was only after it was totaled and I knew a thing or 2 about rc that I realized what was wrong with it.
Another plane I probly wouldn't get again is the airfield f-35... The thing is so dang heavy that the thrust to weight ratio can't be more than 1:2. It's also IMPOSSIBLE to hand launch with the wide, flat bottom so I had to cut cheater holes in the ducting that doubled as a place for me to grip.


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Good idea for a thread. Though as with many things found on the interweb they need to be read carefully. Whats true for one person may not be true for another.

For example:

The Blade SR Helicopter - I've flown it five times... five crashes... many replacement parts. Mine's not stable in the least. I just want it to hover but it won't cooperate. Waste of money.
I have owned one and reckon its a fine heli. Yes, the tail can hunt a little but its possible to tune that down. Once setup there is absolutely no hunting in forward flight. Flips and loops ok, though will blow-out if too much is asked of it (e.g. sudden flips in a crosswind where the tail rotor is already working hard to keep the tail in place).

Mine was sold on because at the opportunities that I had to fly it I would be flying larger helis anyway But its a nice travel companion and it will be sad not to have it while visiting family this Christmas.

No implications about Cracker's flying abilities there; just a case of different people like different aircraft.

Speaking of aircraft I like. I am sad that I sold my 'Flying Styro Lazy Sparrow'. You won't find another one (I don't think they are made anymore) and it wasn't a particularly aerobatic aircraft. Just good looking in the air with oodles of character and good for touch'n'goes on the cricket pitch on a fine morning.

(Incidentally, do you have cricket pitches in USA? Here is Australia cricket is such a popular pastime most every oval has a concrete or astro-turf pitch in the middle of it which makes a handy runway).

Other winners in my book are the MS Swift II, Windrider Beevolution, Alula (classic), NQRC Easy Box, MPX Funjet, HK Parkjet, anything from Precision Aerobatics, Blade 400 (don't let them tell you its a beginners heli unless they can fly like Jamie Robertson), Blade mCPX, MPX Fox radio-ised, HK Mini Swift, ummm - likely more there also... like the nutball.

Lemons include the own design foamy that I finished the other day, but that's about it.


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There were just so many problems with it from the start that a beginner wouldn't know what to do... Dave knew what was going on from the start and tuned it to fly perfectly like in the vid
True, DP is an experienced flyer but he also said it was the maiden flight and that he built it "last night".


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I would not buy a 2 ch plane for my first one (which I did). Sooo boring.

Beginners: Don't get toy grade stuff, get hobby grade stuff!
I would not buy a 2 ch plane for my first one (which I did). Sooo boring.

Beginners: Don't get toy grade stuff, get hobby grade stuff!
+1! I bought a 2 channel plane, and it didn't have enough power to get off the ground(although it probably was the only partly charged battery XD) and prop broke....I bought an airhogs havoc cyclone too--it WAS fun to fly! BUT--It only lasted 1.3 days

And for the planes I would replace/regret buying (List short, as I only bought one plane XD)
I would replace my PZ UM T-28 if I had plenty of money lol
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Tim Hoyer

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I really miss my Hangar 9 Hellcat. Got 4 flights and on the 4th forgot to charge the battery (ele. conversion) I pulled the motor out from the middle of the Fuse when she went in :(


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HZ Super Cub
ST Model J3 Cub
PZ Trojan T28
PZ Spitfire IX
e-Flite Su26 Sukhoi
HK Mini Swift
HZ "Luke" Skywalker with 808 #11 HD camera

eSport Phoenix
Multiplex Funjet
Multiplex Easy Star
ST Model 182
PZ UM J3 Cub
PZ UM Trojan T-28


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Nice thread !
Here is my input.

Regret buying:

Pushy Cat Sniper
Complete waste of time .. poor fit and impossible CG
Build time : MANY evenings
Crashed within 2 minutes :-(


MPX FunCub
Throw around plane that can do anything !
Pane towing, bomb dropping, snow & water landings etc

MS Swift II
Ideal combat wing, many setup possibilities, loads of fun!

RCPowers easybuild MIG29
Made in 1 hour, fast and good 'scratch build' base learning plane

Kinetic 800
My all time favourite 'throw in the back of your car and go flying' semi glider slash pilon racer ;-)


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Totally regret buying this A-10 kit from banana hobby.
The wing came in one piece so I figured the carbon was molded in.
After I finally got it balanced I flew awsome. I went for my first leisurely loop and as it was bottoming out the wing snapped and the whole think hurtled to the ground in a horrific mess. The plus side is the foam protected the electronics.

Anything from Airfield is a keeper. They make awesome planes, just don't believe the cg recommendations.