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Plans conversion

Someone was wanting plans in a4 format here is a guide to covert the plans:

Oki doki....
Im guess you messed with adobe and it keeps shooting to whatever the software the came
with window 8. I spent freaken hours and wasting a lot of paper messing with it.

What you wanna do is...it get the FULL pdf file.

Use Pstill. (free software that came out in March 13).
It'll convert it to TILES .
Read the instructions on the wed page. It'll tell how to set the margins.
It's really simple.

Or you can shoot the 11x17 pdf through Pstill, It'll just create another tile file for you
to be printed in 2 pages.

if you have the original pdf in FULL...it'll be easier.

Use Pdflite as a print software.

Use Gimp to import and export pdf, images files...jpg...ect.
It's a free photo shop that can import and export pdf.
Scale the plan to whatever you wish then export it as PDF.
Shoot it through PStill to convert it to TILES.

Gimp will allow you to re lay the plans to save paper.
Use alpha channel cut and past.
it'll also allow you to paint, or make narely graphics on your plans.lol
You can make your own decals. Just create designs or paste whatever logo..ect
It'll save you a lot of vinyl decal sheets.lol
Or you can print it on paper and use masking tape over them. use spray adhesive for the back.

I found a software that will allow you to edit the PDF...but it's a waste of money.
Plus grips of spams.

They're all free software.

Hope that helps.

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