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Plans for a scratch FPV glider?

Hey yall,

I been looking for a good plane to use for an fpv glider. I have been thinking about a flying wing, but I wanted to know other peoples input. I plan is to take it high and glide it down, so i can have maximum flight time on a battery. I am the kind of guy that likes to go high, and relax. I am gonna use dollar tree foam board for this build.

This will be my first Electric airplane so ill be asking tons of questions regarding what I need (chargers, batteries, ect.)


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If you're using foam board, a flying wing might be the best way to go. If you went for a conventional fuselage, you'd need a fairly chunky fuselage out to the tail, which is just extra weight and drag. With a wing, all of your airframe is a lift surface.

Perhaps a wide-body FT Versa Wing with a pusher motor would be suitable. Start with the basic plan from these forums, and either:
a) stretch the wings and spar for a 1500mm (or bigger) wingspan; or
b) or build a straight snub-nosed centre section to go in between the 2 standard wing halves, with an extra piece of spar.

You can easily mount your FPV gear in one wing, your RC equipment in the other wing, and there's a big empty section in the middle for batteries and other gear. The motor is at the back, so there's no prop in the way of your camera. Also, only 2 control surfaces means fewer servos and less weight, so you should get decent flight times.
So I started to build the Photon. (my first build ever!)

So far, I am working on the fuselage.

Here are some pictures!!!!!

She is not perfect, but she is my first build sooo.... I think it looks kinda good, maybe a little more work to the edges.


(I have to glue it all together).

Anyway, its not the prettiest thing in the world, but she shall be fun. I went to walmart and got wooden dowels for wing spars, and some 30 sticks of hot glue. total cost is 12 dollars :) I am loving it, so far. Cant wait for tomorrow, I have endless amounts of time till work, so ill show the progress.


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I think I'd you combine the axon and the photon from Ed over at experimental airlines you should be in with a winner. The advantage of the axon is it's a pusher, so you won't have the propeller in your view. Good luck with this mate, I look forward to seeing your build


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Are you using stock DT foamboard or have you pealed the paper and replaced w/ packing tape?

it's a bit more trouble to replace the paper w/ tape, but the foam becomes much more workable.
hahaha I just figured that out.... I could not bend the edges to glue it all together. I guess I will have to take a trip up to wally world again hahah

I was gonna use the minwax, but If the tape makes bending easier, ill go with that, its only a x.xx dollars. but wal mart is far away :/
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So I built the fuselage.

Not the nicest looking build but its together.

Looking down the belly seem:
I added tape to bring down the gap between two pieces, and to give extra protection.

I think it will be ok. It is gonna be the belly, so it dont have to look all that great. Seems good aero wise, nothing bulging out of it, and the sides of the seems are pretty much smooth. Its my first build again, but I am learning a great deal of building techniques. Tomorrow will be the wings, I have the materials for them. But tomorrow is the first day of college, so i dont know how far ill get:) :) :) It looks square and I gave it a few hits on my bed and wooden dresser and it survived perfectly, so I guess i did fine.
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looks like a great first fuse. take your time, and the wing will come out just fine.

EA's methods are great for building airframes that are flexible to design -- Not the prettiest, but easy to bend to your will. Only other downside is you can only add color using colored tape/covering. Not so bad if your school colors are white and tan -- the rest of us have to special-order our tape ;)

look forward to seeing the progress!
Ok so today I just covered one of my boards with tape. I could not do too much because of school and work. Tomorrow I will have much more time, and I am off work so yay! (plus its pay day!) I have been putting away money for my electronics. I should be able to order most of what I need by this week!

For FPV, IO was thinking one of the hobby kings kits, as it is pretty much plug and play. Once I learn how to fly ill spend some money on a better RX, then later a TX, as well as looking into building antennas.
Hey guys, I am back haha

After my first two weeks of college, I found time to get some work done on my airplane!

I started on the wing, which is pretty simple, here are some pictures:





It looks like an airfoil, I think its gonna fly! I have to glue the wing down, but I have to go and get some more tape :/ so I did not glue it to make it easier to match it up with the other wing. I work today (labor day) and get paid double :D :D :D :D... more money for gear haha.

I see a few wrinkles on the tape on the top of the wing, I think it will be ok.

But while I was at school one morning, I noticed a couple of guys flying around a multicopter. BIG black thing with a HUGE camera on the bottom. From what I seen from a distance, a guy pointing antennas at the craft (free antenna tracker), a tent set up, and a guy at the sticks. It looked like it landed it self, but i could not tell as I was XXX feet away. It made LOTS of noise too. Next time I see them I am gonna go and look at it. kick my self for not...but calc class was calling :/ haha
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ok ladies and gentle men,

I present the wings!! :D kind of.

I made a near perfect right wing, and then my glue gun broke. UGH!!!!!!!!! my other section did not come out as good, but I think it will work.

The left wing is a tad higher than the right wing. Some parts came apart, so later I will touch up on them. not a problem.

I DO have some tape wrinkles on the top of the wing UGH hahah, but I think that will be ok. I opted with a smaller control surface, about an an inch with the 7 in chord. My main goal is for FPV, I dont want something to bank real quickly.

I have an airplane that I have not run in a while (gaser) so the RX will be used for this project. I am gonna see if my buddy will donate servos for my cause. then off to the FPV equipment. I just need to find a good motor, I am looking for about 10 min-15 min flight on one battery.

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Nothin' that can be seen from the ground!

Put a motor on her + a few mistakes high, and the curious-passer-by will think you're a master builder when you say "I built it myself". Just don't land until they leave ;)
My friend who has been building for 30+ years told me it looked like junk... shot my ego, but thanks guys! I think he is a gasser purist. I am gonna purchase parts on Tuesday, as well as finish her up, then ill report back to y'all! Thank you guys,m but i have had someone else say it looks fine.

Thanks y'all for your support! I appreciate it!


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doesn't matter if it looks like junk or not, if it flies you'll have fun, its not designed to be an artwork hanging on your wall ;) good job on the build
haha, that will be later! I am in the process of using the techniques I learned in this build to kind of design my own fpv plane.

Ill post a build on that when the time comes.

It is stuck in my head, but I think it will be a cool build, but when payday (tomorrow) comes around, ill purchase all the recommended electronics. super excited! ill get three batteries so ill have at least 30 min of flight if she flies (I think she will.)

hopefully ill get everything together for a fly in in October. I have little less than a month left :O I need to find me some FPV gear!