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plush or castle?


Junior Member
anyone have tried the Castle Creations thunderbird esc???? i cant decide between thunderbird 54 or plush 60. both about the same price.


the site says $60 but you can get them for $30 online



ive had good reliable experience with Castle in the past but i have never tried their thunderbird series. and as for Plush i have no experience with them but everyone seems to love them. also the specs looks better on the plush

any comments , inputs would help thanks!


Propaganda machine
I've never had any experience with Castle ESCs, but Plush are bulletproof, as it says on the product! I've never ever heard of anyone having any problems with a Plush. I've got a 30A and it's small and ever reliable.


Senior Member
PLUSH BY FAR!!!! I have a 18A Castle Creation Thunderbird ESC and it didn't work when I plugged it in. Go with the plush....forever reliable.