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Super new and just getting into the hobby, but I've loved it for decades. Have a variety of kits waiting on the wings from rubber powered to gas. Looking to learn and have a good time. I wish I had discovered how affordable this has become a long time ago. Kids are fast leaving the nest (there's eight) with three to go. I have run nitro sedans and off road trucks off and on for close to 20 years but planes were always my love. Then I found Flite Test and their fleet, discovered how affordable things have become, better technology, especially FPV and man, I CAN'T WAIT!!! Especially when I get to share this with my grand babies!
What can we help you with?
Right now I'm just kind of absorbing, learning and researching. Working on getting supplies and tools together, figuring out which transmitter I want (which I think I've narrowed down), stuff like that. I'm not one to rush as I like to be as prepared as possible leaving myself room to expand as my skills increase. But I'll have questions as I go along I'm sure. I really dig this foam plane concept and the ease to build, repair and fly, as well as the cost. Unbelievable stuff. When I was in my early teens nearly 40 years ago, it was a rich mans hobby for sure. Not anymore. And the versatility of these planes is amazing, switching power pods from one to the other? Wow! What's not to like?