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Post your FPV Platform here!


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I wanted to see some of the common FPV platforms, what people like, that sorta thing. Feel free to post what you use, a link or even what you like about it! :)


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I use a 900MHZ 100mW Tx/Rx & 1/3-inch CCD Camera NTSC from HK
and a Super Cub lp .
and a portable dvd player for viewing the live feed .

Cheep ,Cheep ,Cheep
one day Ill move up to 5.8 :)
Skywalker, Tricopter, Quad, Bixler, Swift II and a Crawler :D

The Tricopter was the 1st one I went FPV with (parts used for other things)
The Quadcopter was used for FPV but now I only use it for LOS aerial video
The Skywalker is a very good platform with loads of storage
The Bixler is my current build that is going to be a testbed for Arduplane with waypoint navigation (oilpan)
The Swift II is a small fun flying wing (only flew FPV 3 times with it)
The crawler is for fun...pretty pointless going FPV as you cannot see rocks or things.

The SW has its own gear installed and the others are shifted about...
I used a small camera on them but it was not good, will use a GoPro instead (more testing) and if it is not OK I will add the same camera as I have on the SW. I have a 5.8Ghz video and simpleOSD for testings and they are mounted close together like a pod

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Have two at the moment. Mine is the Bixler with Remzibi OSD and my son is using the TekSumo also with the Remzibi. I've just got my hands on the NOVA OSD and I'll try that out soon. My next FPV Model will be a Wing followed by a Quad or a Hex.


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The only problem with the quad or hex is that THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE. Anyone have any leads where I can get a cheap RTF or ARF tri, quad, or hex?
my sirius

Fy-osd Hornet
Frsky diversity rx
1400kv w/7x6prop
40a hobbywing pentium esc w/switch bec
emax mg servos
5.8ghz vtx w/clover leaf
540tvl and 420tvl cameras w/dual cam switcher
2800mah lipo for power
1000mah lipo for vtx
Over sized 3"wheels
Laminants: red monokote and black econokote


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Never catch a multirotor
My platforms:

5.8gHz 200mw Tx (FoxTech) with cloverleaf
600TVL Super HAD cam (from Bruce's review)
Remzibi OSD + GPS

On a:
MPX FunCub
MS Swift
HK Talon quadcopter
RCExplorer tricopter
RM450 v2 (RCtimer) quadcopter + DJI NAZA

5.8gHz 200mw 1S / 2.2gram Tx (from FPVHobby)
520TVL 1gram CMOS cam (from FPVHobby)

On a:
Mini Skywalker
Various mini/micro quadcopters

7"LCD on a large tripod
Fatshark FPV video goggles

Too many gear, not enough free time .. :)
Airframe: FPV Raptor
Camera: BEV-KX121-PAL
RC RX: Chainlink Dare
RC TX: Futaba 6EX with Chainlink Dare
Video RX: Boscam RC302 5.8GHz RHCP Helical Antenna (CH8)
Video TX: Boscam TS352 5.8 GHz 500mw RHCP Cloverleaf Antenna (CH8)

photo (1).JPG

well i have not flown it with the gear on it but this cub is a super duper super cub with a 1500kn rocket motor and ailerons added along with a flattened wing and heavy duty spar..the FPV gear is a 5.8g setup from foxtech....

the ground station is RCAca display with a homemade mounting strap lol hey its cheep and feels good in the hand for now..

Did a little cleaning up of the wires from the back of the display....lol

Its a little better now... As soon as my remote comes home from service i will work on a nicer mount...

My future FPV platforms are the Bixler and the RCExplorer Tricopter.
The Tricopter was the 1st one I went FPV with (parts used for other things)


Can u guys please post pictures/specs/links of ur FPV gear as im in the process of getting all the parts together for a REexplorer V2.5 and would like to go FPV on it so it looks as cool as Davids.. :p
but would like it so i can do some HD filming with another camera maybe as i cant afford an expensive GoPro..

Any ideas would be a go help.. FPV Noob here.. lol