Power Pack C on 4S


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I contacted Flitetest support and they said they'd not heard of anyone having issues with 4S and suggested downsizing the prop. The Flitetest article on this power pack says the ESC is 4S capable.

I have a bunch of 4S batteries but don't want to blow up the motor.

Anyone done this?


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If it's the power pack C motor and esc then, yes, the ESC is 4S capable and the motor will handle it as long as you don't exceed 30A (to preotect the ESC$. Do you have a wattmeter or some way to measure current up to 30A? I wouldn't go higher than a 9x4.7 prop, ideally start smaller, 7-8 inch. I am sure someone will chime in with their specific 4S prop selection.


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Thanks, Boyz! My flight possibilities just expanded a lot. I inherited a bunch of batteries but most of the 3S are puffed or completely dead. Not so with the stash of 4S.


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I have done a bunch of bench testing with c pack motors.
On 4s 9x4.7 is good, but the motor runs a bit hot drawing 24ish amps. 9x5.5 the motor gets dangerously hot drawing 29amps.
On 3s 10x5.5 gets the motor hot pulling 25amps. 10x6 pulls 28amps and the motor gets very hot. 9x7.5 pulls 23amps and the motor gets very warm, but not hot.
I run my seaduck on 4s with 9x4.7 works well, but have not flown in temps above 15C with it yet.