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Powered paper airplanes!


Monkey/Bear Poker
I actually have one of these and have not had the chance to mess with it yet.

Bought it off of Woot.com some time ago.


Flying Derp
He really just messes around with it. He taxis around well but really has no grasp of orientation. It'll come though, he's only two after all. My 5yo girl can take it or leave it though.


Junior Member
our 6yr old can fly quite well on the simulator. He's even able to land it regularly! Our 4yr old can take off and fly, but not land and our 3yr old thinks it's fun to crash...

I don't think we'd ever get our kids inside if they had powered paper planes!
Thats actually how I go into RC :p Me and my friend, we were going to built a plane out of corrugated paper :p We had a old TX and some RX with that and went to the only hobbystore in our city and bougth a inrunner motor. We just had a on/off swithc and some old NiCd batteries. It didn't work out so we bult a howercraft using the motor and the paper with some wooden grill sticks, glue and LEGO bricks :p Unfortunately I don't have a photo of it :(


That is AWESOME! How did the hovercraft work for you? Oh, and how is life in the most volcanically active spot on Earth? I SO want to get there someday!!!
Taknx, the life here is grate :) No eruption this year, yet :p Geologists say it is not long until the next one starts, we'r waiting :p
But the hovercraft worked pretty well, we took it to school and showed it to our classmates, and flew/drove it in the hall. It is now somewhere under a desk at my friends house and needs a little repair :p