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Powering the Skyline 32 on Electrohub


Thank you everyone who helped with my motor direction and the Naze 32. We ultimately over soldered things and so purchased a Skyline 32 board.

We are using the FT Electrohub in a Dragonfly configuration. I have a Graupner TX and RX. So...

I have plugged the wires from my RX making the translation for THR, ALE, ELE, and RUD outs on the RX to the inputs on the Skyline board. Like the Naze board, the Skyline must power the receiver using the 5v, gnd, and signal threesome.

I have plugged the outs so that the 3 wire combination goes to the servo for the Tough Tilt, I skip the S2 slot and then plug the motors 1, 2, and 3 into the next set of connectors. The 5v and Gnd is connected to the servo which is expecting power from the Skyline board.

Since the only two connections that involve 5v and Gnd are to the Rx and the Servo and all of the other cables have been stripped down to signal only - how can I power the board?

The Naze had so many 3 wire combinations that the power had many possible ways of getting to the electrohub.


Manual: http://www.2dogrc.com/media/wysiwyg/manuals/skyline32_manual.pdf