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Powerpod speed build kit


Junior Member
I got my speed build kit and started building the power pod first. I'm viewing the build video and everythings going along nicely until about 7 and a 1/2 minutes in. We're bending the landing gear wire, next thing I know, we're test fitting the wire to a powerpod that has skewers and velcro on it! Where'd that come from? Here's my questions.
1) Is it the fuzzy side or the hook side on the powerpod?
2) Other than holding the battery on, what other purpose does it serve?
3) How far do the skewers stick out of the pod?
4) Are the skewers glued in or just press fit?
If anyone can tell me where to look other than the video for instructions, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
1. Your choice. Decide if you want the hook side on your batteries or on the plane, and make sure you always do it the same.

2. That's it. You could use it to attach other things if you needed to, but velcroed to the bottom of the plane isn't any place I'd put anything valuable.

3. 1/4 to 1/2 inch on either side. They need to be long enough for the rubber bands for the landing gear to hold on to. Shouldn't take much.

4. Your choice. Some of the planes require that the power pod is mounted inside a fuselage; you won't be able to fit it in with the landing gear skewers in place. If you're just using this pod with the open fuse designs, glue them in place. If you want to use it with both, don't glue them.