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Problem with a Micro Scout.


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I recently bought, and managed to kill, a Champ RTF. Having watched FliteTest for a while, I decided I would try to reincarnate the electronics in a new body, and picked the Mighty Mini Scout, I built one full size, and the body was sadly too heavy for the electronics.

After watching the Micro Planes video, I decided to try rebuilding the Scout at 40% out of Styrofoam plates, It came out looking decent, but when it flies, it rolls very very sharply to the left, basically stuck in a perfect knife edge if I pull full right rudder the entire time it is in the air. Since the latest reattachment of the motor, it has taken to rolling completely upside down.

So, unsure of what to try next, I'm looking for some advice. The only thought I have is that it might be the torque from the motor overpowering the weight of the tiny little airframe, but if so, i have no idea what to do about it. Perhaps lengthening the wings (or the left wing?) somewhat?

Below I've added a couple of pictures taken immediately after my latest "flight" (read: Crash) , with a quarter for scale. The push rods are made out pipe cleaners fed through coffee stirrers, with the reinforcement they get full deflection on the control surfaces in either direction. I cut the control horns out of the lid to a plastic soda cup, and they seem to be sturdy enough.



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It sounds like it is thrust angle. I would give it a bit of right thrust, and it should be much better. You'll notice that even on the normal minis, there is a thrust angle adjustment.


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So I turned the motor a little to the right, and it does a little better. Enough that I got to do a little bit of experimentation. With the throttle at, or below 45% it will fly mostly straight, answer to controls, but it's slowly falling out of the air, even with the stick pulled just far enough back not to stall. It doesn't have enough lift to make even a full circle around me.

I also discovered it makes a pretty dang good chuck glider, if thrown with no power. *laughs*

But, if i go above 50% or so throttle, the little plane goes psycho, going into a left oriented knife edge from 50%-75%, and instant flat spins above 75%. Unflyable.

Sadly, it's too dark to do any more experimenting on it tonight.
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Good luck. The more I fly the more I learn that bigger planes are much easier to build and fly. I love micro/mini scale but it can be a challenge to get the cog correct. It would be really cool to have a basic micro to build for when we destory our Champ, Sport Cub S, or whatever the micro may be.