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problems printing ft plans

Im having trouble getting plans printed correctly .
Specifically the ft 3d and the baby blender.
I emailed plans to Office Max, and after they couldnt determine what settings were neeeded for the size.
I told them it should fit within a 20in x 30in length and width. After three attempts with the ft3d, the page 2 seemed right.
The fire wall was 2in.wide and canopy part was 2in. wide and the wings were just under 15 in.each
Page 1 was way off, the fusalage was1and1/4 wide and way to short. They charge $9.00 per print and after 4 trys, i stil dont have workable plans.
Any help here on how you guys get these plans printed would be much appreciated. Specifically what settings could i tell them to use that will print these plans correctly.
Thanks, Scott
Thanks for putting that idea back in my head. Idont have a printer right now,and really cant afford to buy one.
I can get prints on regular copy paper at my local library for about 5cents a copy.
I will do that if i cant get the full size plans done.
Office Max can print up to 24in.wide and almost any length. Its odd though that page 2 printed good,and page 1 didnt.
they also tryed to print the ( baby blender) plans and that was worse.
everything was out of perportion, the included wheels on the printed plan werent even perfectly round?
Thanks for the reply!
Well this is an easy to fix, instead of wasting money at Office Max go buy a $5 printer at a thrift store then you can print all the plans you want.