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Wake up! Time to fly!
Went out to the park today to get some tuning and practice in as well as get used to the new Runcam split video system. While I was there some kids showed up and were messing around batting practice on the other ball field. One of the kids pulled out one of them sharper Image camera drones his Grandmother got him and was flying around. I walked over between batteries to talk with them and see if they flew anything else. Poor depraved kids never heard of Flite Test. so I educated them on what we do here in the forums as well as what Flite Test does for the hobby.

Anyway after they killed the battery on their quad they started asking questions about mine. I did some LOS flips n rolls and started talking about the FPV part of it all. They never heard of FPV so I walked them over where I was set up and took them all on a ride while I flew LOS. then I jumped on the goggles after setting up my little monitor for them to watch so they could see what it was like when flying FPV for real. This is part of the couple of flights I did while they were there.

I still have some fine tuning to work out but at least the Alien is back in the air and I have HD footage again for it.


Faster than a speeding face plant!
PsyBorg has become a pusher, selling these poor deprived children on his wild, FPV induced, depraved ways and addicting little kids at the ball park, one lipo at a time.

Show us how it's done, Psyborg!

Love the power dive at the end there. :)
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Wake up! Time to fly!
You mean the face plant?

They were teenagers. they need that drama to keep them interested :D


What kind of FPV monitor do you have? I'm putting money aside for FPV gear, and I'm considering going with a monitor first so that I can have it for ride-alongs after I upgrade to a decent pair of goggles.


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Great promo PsyBorg, always fun when you get youngsters interested in the hobby...........keep up the good work mate....... :)


Wake up! Time to fly!
Ty sir. Seems this is Billy be social week here. I went out to the park last evening and there was baseball practice still going on at the main field so I went over to the pavillian and flew a few packs on the little peoples soccer field. Shortly after I set up a few teenagers came up on bikes and were hangin out in the shade too. They started watching and asking questions so I took them for a ride with the googles and they liked it as expected.