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prop to head

i was testing out a wing and wanted to see just how much thrust it had. i held it out in front of me and powered it up to WOT. then let go. and momenterely it hovered and if anything went up. then it came straight at me and hit me. only a flesh wound on the forehead but shure did hurt . it weight about 250g (9 ounzes) and had the same thrust. since have thrown the plane away not due to the incedent.
dude take care with that kind of things.. i also did some wrong things . like starting motor...just to see..and I saw directly that it could be very dangerous..
its just an hobby..so always try to think secure ;)
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Fly, yes... Land, no
I did a simiar thing with one of my Funbats. Had it sitting in my wood holder, combined weight of 2lbs between the plane and the holder. Gave it a quick burp of power to make sure I had the motor wires right. My hand was about 6" away. In the time it took to move the stick up and back, the plane pushed the holder, and got all my finger tips atleast twice. Still finding new spots of blood months later...