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Putting plastic over foam

Can you make a plane that is almost indestructible? Ever try plastic?
I have been using it with the Bushwacker landing gear and had some REAL bad landings (well crashes) and it doesn't seem to ever get hurt. I have a quick video but can't seem to upload it.


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Killerplanes got me using milk jug plastic. It works great.

The other guys who also share how to crashproof are crashtesthobby but they use a different foam than we have with DTFB

I used elements from both of those guys on a plane that my son got for me. Instead of the shock cord, baking soda, and CA, I added very thin ~1mm carbon rod on all the leading edges. In addition to the milk just plastic on the weak points of the fuse, I added some scotch extreme tape anywhere that looked like it might get high stress in a crash. On my very first flight it crashed :( . Turns out it was the esc that failed. The plane hit a tree at full speed and then crashed to hard ground ~40ft below. I could see everywhere the carbon fiber helped save my wings. The nose was crumpled but only slightly. The worst damage was a magnet that tore loose from the canopy cover.

The other guy to watch is DaveReap. He likes to use that plastic strapping tape you find on pallets to add strenght and stiffness to wings.
also http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=26592059&postcount=11245
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I'm going to look into those. I have a 1400mm corsair that tends to nose over during landings on our bumpy grass field and I have got to fund a way to make the vertical stab crashproof. It looks like Steve from Killer planes has the answer for that.