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Quad arms but motors don't spin. Lux fc/cleanflight

Hello all! :)

So basically recently I decided to switch from Naze 32 to the lux board. After a ton of problems from the fc not connecting to cleanflight (I guess some mini sub cords don't like to connect) and my receiver not sending ppm. I think every thing is good and ready to fly ... Except that the motors won't spin up. They are definitely not defective or broken because whenever I have my quad plugging into the computer and the battery plugged in and I save settings and reboot they start spinning but I have no control. I can see that my rx/tx is sending and receiving inputs good. I can not get the motors to spin up at all except for how I mentioned before. I can't get them to start with my tx or from using the manual control in clean flight. I know that the board is arming because when I hit my arm switch on my taranis I can see the arm light in the board turn on. I also noticed that when I plug in my battery (and my quad is not connected to the computer) the arm light flashes but then it stops when I flip the arm switch and it stays on. Thanks is advance, Tristan.


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Do you have the correct protocol selected on the configuration tab? IE: sbus, PWM, PPM. Did you somehow set throttle hold / lock on the radio? I'm sure there could be other reasons but I am not familiar with Tarais radios to say.

For safety reasons you may want to check the "Do not spin motors" box so they wont start spinning on reboots. That could be really intense if you forget to remove the props before booting the FC in clean flight.
I have ppm selected and my receiver is outputting in ppm. As for the throttle lock, I'm not sure what that is. Ans will the do not spin motors thing make it only not spin while it's connected to cleanflight? It's seems like my answers won't help much but just for some mor information I'm using the motors and esc from the power pack with the emax 2204 motors and im using the taranis with an fr Sky delta receiver.


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Blow away your Transmitter model setup and Cleanflight config and start from scratch. Don't worry about the TX side of things until you can spin up motors from the Cleanflight motor config. Check power and signal wires are all where they should be.

If you follow the link in my signature to join the FT chat, and then join the Cleanflight channel by typing "/j #cleanflight" they should be able to help you more.
Okay I will try that. And thanks for the link. I'm still very new to this so i understand pids but all of the other things like expo and all that I am still clueless about.
Update: I fixed it! I flashed the board with beta flight before and I think that was my problem. I ref lashed it with the basic cleanflight and everything is working good now. Thanks for the help!