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Quanum FPV diy headset question


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So I just ordered the quanum FPV headset v1. I got them for the sole purpose of using them as passenger goggles for my girlfriend. I already have predator v2 headset, so my question is can I plug my AV out on the predators into the quanums? They have an AV port so I don't see why it wouldn't work, I just want to make sure. I am also confused on how they would be powered?
Any help would be really appreciated! Thank you!
It would be powered off a LiPo (sold separately, but any reasonably sized 3S lipo should work, the one Quanum sells for it is a 3S 1500 mah) and you plug the Lipo into the red cable on the AV cables using another cable that is included with the kit. It comes with a JST connector, but you can really solder whatever connector you want onto it or use an adapter if you want to use a non-JST battery. Look at the picture, you see the AV cable under the monitor, right? The yellow plug on it is Video, the White is Audio and the red isn't actually a component plug. That's where the second cable to the right of the monitor plugs in, which then connects to the battery.


As for using it a a passenger headset, I really don't know if that's how you would connect it to the video source since I don't own any FPV equipment. (Yet!) It sounds like you have the right idea though, so I would imagine it's that or a second output from the actual receiver.
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After looking at the Predator V2 manual, I THINK (no guarantees) that the AV out should work as long as you aren't using an external receiver, since that's where is says to plug in a recording device to record video, so I think it would output the video fine, (But I cannot be sure). If you are using an external receiver, that option wouldn't work since the AV out jack would be used as an AV in from the external receiver. Instead, I think you would have to plug the goggles into a second AV out on the external receiver.

If someone can approve or disprove my thoughts, that would be great.


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As long as you use the internal receiver on the Predators you can connect the secondary screen to the A/V connector on your goggles. I use this for an easycap connected to my cell phone for use as a DVR. You use the cable that came in the predator set