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Quarry flight


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Flew in a disused quarry yesterday, boy was I nervous, all that hard rock to destroy my quads.
Started off with the ZMR250 on 3S and the wind was pushing it all over the place. The 3" Flywoo Ant on 4S seemed less affected.
After a few flights in the deep part of the quarry I went up to the larger area and upped the ZMR250 to 4S and crashed it :( , was flying into one of the ravines and on the way back the signal got blocked and the RC receiver fail-safed. Landed hard, damaging the props and breaking off the camera and dislodging the battery but luckily it stayed connected and I was able to track it down using the beeper and the directional video antenna. Sadly, the onboard video nor the headset video saved.
Here's the video, I've cut out a lot of the very boring stuff, leaving only the less boring stuff ;)
You may want to turn down yours speakers...


Wake up! Time to fly!
good show, i dinged up a prop the other night my self because of sudden gust of wind.
checked out your tube channel looks like you have quite a diverse experience with different
types of models. interesting

Yeah Carolines got a great skillset for rc flight. She is a great builder too. Got that magic touch.

As for flying quads in windy conditions they are great when tuned. I fly mine in winds that bend 10mm fiberglass tent poles with long linen flags nearly horizontal.

Start by setting all your I gains around 50-55. That should help it in 10 - 15 mph gusts. Then start raising p gains 5 points at a time until the wobbles go away.

Dont let your d gains go much over 30 or you can damage motors from over heating.

As with any changes do short 10 to 15 second hover tests then easy flights of ~30 seconds to check for over heating.

You will "feel" the quad getting more stable and will have more confidence in your piloting once its controlable.

Betaflight is very stable now and I havent bothered with filter tweaking as pid tuning is the basics of control. Getting the basics down first is always best in my opinion.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Other things people tend to forget or ignore is using tpa (throttle pid attenuation)

Tuning a very tight and stable quad tends to be great at low to mid power ranges but tend to get the shakes at mid and upper ranges.

This is where tpa comes into play by lowering p gains the higher in the throttle you go according to the settings.

The newest fotm in beta flight does this with the I gains. They call it I term relaxing or something along those lines.