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Î have a plane of the At-6 Texan. But the problem is that the the blue ripps are to small. They are to small to put them in the plane of the wing. but only two of the ripps are to smal. Is that normal in planes like that?

Sorry for my bad englisch :) Unbenanntes Bild.png
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Sorry, but it's hard to tell in your picture of the plans. Can you give closer shots of both the rib detail and the wing detail?


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Dear NoName from NoPlace. It seems like a plan from a Magazine. It is not rare to find some imperfections. You will normally get corrections in a later Magazine. There are several reasons a drawing can be corrupted between the original and the print in a Magazine. Experienced builders are checking and correcting like you seems to have done. I cant see exactly what your problem is but capstrips are something that can fool you to believe something is wrong.